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If you are interested in applying for an open position, please complete the employment application and email it to

Employment Application

Relief Houseparent

REPORTS TO: Administrator


  1. Must be at least 21 years of age
  2. Must have at least a high school diploma or GED equivalent
  3. Must be able to drive assigned vehicle with a valid Texas Driver’s License and maintain a good driving record. Employee driving records will be checked annually
  4. Must have experience in household management and supervision of children’s activities
  5. Must have a personality attuned to meeting the needs of children, to include but not limited to patience, kindness and an understanding of children and the ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with the administrator, or other employees and the public
  6. Must be able to deal with a variety of adults and children with a range of personalities and abilities; maintain confidentiality
  7. Must be able to communicate effectively both orally and in writing
  8. Must be able to observe and monitor the children
  9. Must be able to lift up to 50 lbs. and be physically active bending, reaching, carrying, kneeling, stooping and walking
  10. Required to take and pass CPR and first aid classes


  1. Participate as a member of a team to meet the physical, emotional, social, academic and spiritual needs of children
  2. Establish a routine in a residence that can get the job done without confusion and yet have flexibility of schedule to meet the children’s needs
  3. Maintain an awareness of the needs of children and be attentive to the physical, emotional, spiritual and academic growth of children under supervision
  4. Monitor and coordinate children’s activities, behaviors and locations
  5. Prepare balanced meals and if applicable, with the help of the children
  6. Plan meals in advance and take inventory in order for the home purchasing agent to purchase food at bulk prices
  7. Provide transportation for children as needed, coordinate trips to eliminate duel trips
  8. Ensure children have suitable clothing to wear
  9. Maintain medical records, report sheets and incident reports as necessary
  10. Dispense medication as directed
  11. Documentation of children’s behaviors/activities; when necessary
  12. Report immediately any suspected child abuse/neglect to the administrator
  13. Maintain the cottage in a clean and orderly manner; all cleaning of the cottage will be done by the occupants; children will be assisted and supervised in keeping their rooms clean and clothing neatly stored
  14. Yard upkeep and minor maintenance will be done by houseparent’s along with the children living in the cottage
  15. Responsible for the maintenance and cleanliness of assigned vehicle(s)
  16. Participate in training, staff meetings and supervising conferences
  17. Perform other assignments and duties as requested


"I have been truly blessed by The Brownson Home for many years. They have supported me financially, and emotionally through school and out of school. With their support I have become a person that I never thought that I could become. The amount of appreciation that I have for the parents and administration at The Brownson Home is endless."


Jennifer, graduate
TA&M University, Corpus Christi
and 4th grade teacher


"The Brownson Home gave me everything when I had nothing. They got me through high school and I would not be in college without them."

Symonne, age 20,
Victoria College Student