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It's The Little Things...

Little things can play a big part in enhancing the life of a child! Extracurricular activities provide children with an outlet to explore, learn and be a part of a team. When kids are given the opportunity to take part in activities, it allows them to gain self-esteem and “feel normal”. Studies show that children perform better academically and have higher success rates (in school, college and career) than their peers who do not participate in school related, or sports activities.

Activities provide children with an opportunity to learn valuable life skills such as:

        WORK ETHIC

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All donations go directly toward defraying the cost of activity related expenses.


1616 Lone Tree Road
P.O. Box 2022
Victoria, Texas 77902


"I have been truly blessed by The Brownson Home for many years. They have supported me financially, and emotionally through school and out of school. With their support I have become a person that I never thought that I could become. The amount of appreciation that I have for the parents and administration at The Brownson Home is endless."


Jennifer, graduate
TA&M University, Corpus Christi
and 4th grade teacher


"The Brownson Home gave me everything when I had nothing. They got me through high school and I would not be in college without them."

Symonne, age 20,
Victoria College Student